What is NeoGen Plasma? Exploring the incredible rise of the non-surgical facelift

Shirley Ballas recently underwent a Neogen plasma treatment.
The Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building say this treatment is part of the growing trend in the beauty industry

While we typically wouldn’t advise seeking treatment solely because a celebrity had it, we must admit that Shirley Ballas’ remarkable transformation, as she credited her rejuvenated skin and tighter jawline to Neogen Plasma treatment, has sparked lots of clients’ curiosities..

What are the benefits of Neogen plasma treatment?

It is quite challenging to improve the appearance of a sagging jawline and make it look firm and lifted, especially in older patients
over the age of 55. As we age, our skin loses collagen, and the effectiveness of collagen-stimulating treatments decreases.
However, the Neogen Plasma treatment has successfully achieved a tightened and clearer skin for Ms. Ballas. You can watch the
video below to see how the Neogen procedure is performed.

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The difference between Neogen plasma and PRP.

Many clients are curious about plasma energy, so our top Dr Sunnetha explains. She clarified that the plasma used in Neogen is different from the blood plasma used in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. In PRP, blood is taken from your arm and injected back into your face. On the other hand, Neogen utilises nitrogen plasma, which is created by passing radio frequency energy through pure nitrogen gas. This process transforms the gas into plasma, a powerful and adjustable energy source. Doing so means that your practitioner can customise the intensity of the treatment according to your skin’s needs.

How Does Neogen Plasma work?

Using a hand-held device, Neogen Plasma works by directing nitrogen plasma at the face. Each burst of energy from the plasma generates heat in the skin, causing controlled trauma to the collagen. This trauma triggers a wound-healing response that stimulates the production of new, healthier collagen, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. Unlike ablative laser treatments that burn the skin’s surface layer to prompt collagen renewal, Neogen Plasma kills off the outermost layer of the skin without removing it entirely. This process creates a non-viable layer of skin that gradually peels off within a week, revealing clearer skin underneath. Additionally, the collagen remodelling process leads to noticeable tightening effects over the next three months.
Skin Tightening
Neogen plasma skin treatment near me
This occurs when the heat hits the skin causing the tissue to contract. For:
  • Wrinkles
  • Eyelid lift & tightening
  • Loose skin
  • Pore reduction
Skin Resurfacing
Neogen plasma Liverpool
When the heat has hit and penetrated the skin the epidermis creates a natural barrier protecting the skin from any infection. Once the healing process has taken place the old epidermis is shed, and a new one is created with a new and healthier look and feel. For:
  • Sun damage
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring
  • Skin lesions
  • Skin Regeneration
    Neogen plasma treatment Liverpool
    The disruption caused by the heat disturbs and stimulates the collagen, elastin and connective tissues, while also creating new blood vessels. For:
  • Acne scarring
  • Pore reduction
  • Dark circles
  • Wrinkles
  • What are the benefits of Neogen Plasma?

    Neogen Plasma is beneficial for multiple purposes. It effectively tightens sagging skin, eliminates excessive pigmentation, and enhances the skin’s texture, particularly for acne scarring. By encouraging the production of new elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, this treatment results in smoother, clearer, and firmer skin while maintaining its elasticity and hydration.

    Neogen Plasma treatment 3 intensity volumes

    Treatment options can vary in intensity, ranging from gentle to intense. There are different approaches to undergoing this treatment.

    1. Low level no downtime (requires 4-6 treatments)
    2. Mid-level – Redness and a little dry skin/light peeling
    3. High Intense Level – Downtime required.

    Option 1 which Shirley Ballas chose, involves multiple low-intensity treatments spread out over a few months. This method can lead to significant results in the long run, without any discomfort during the treatment or much downtime afterwards. Alternatively, some individuals opt for a medium-intensity treatment, which requires the application of numbing cream beforehand. Afterwards, around four days, the face may turn red and then develop brown scorched stripes before the skin eventually peels off. However, the extent of peeling may vary depending on one’s skin type. In some cases, individuals may choose to have another procedure like this a few months later as a follow-up.
    Neogen plasma therapy near me

    What is the sensation of medium/high-intensity Neogen Plasma treatment?

    Understandably, having such a significant amount of energy directed into your skin is uncomfortable. Although most patients manage with a highly potent numbing cream, they may still feel the prickly, heated motion of the treatment. The recovery process can take a few days up to a week. The client’s skin can be scorched and swollen, but pain levels are low or non-existent. Also, parts of the skin can appear red, brown, and streaky. Please be aware of what to expect, and although you can go back to work immediately if you would rather spend a few days out of the public eye, feel free to do so. Remember to apply some vitamin moisturiser (we recommend our Skinceuticals B5 Hydrate serum here) and keep well hydrated while drinking plenty of water. Also, please avoid heavy sweating from exercise for 48 hours and do not take hot baths and showers. Eventually, all the layers of dead skin naturally shed. Unless your face is under time constraints, we can advise dividing the treatment into less intense sessions. This approach is kinder to yourself and those around you and less traumatic for your face.

    What are the results of my Neogen Plasma treatment?

    According to one of our patients, they had to say this:

    “I had Neogen Plasma at Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After the numbing cream was applied, I had to wait about 30 mins for it to take effect. Once I lay down on the clinician chair, the process took around 30 minutes. I have a beard, so they only worked on the upper part of my face. There is a slight stinging sensation, but any pain quickly goes because each pass is swift. After the Neogen plasma treatment, my face felt slightly uncomfortable. Still, with lots of water and Skinceuticals Vitamin B5 Serum, soreness and redness disappeared after a few days.

    And honestly, the results are outstanding. After four weeks, my skin has shown significant improvement. My pores are less visible, my skin’s surface is much smoother, and my pigmentation is more even. Overall, my skin appears nine years younger than my actual age, and I have received many compliments on how well I look! However, it is essential to note that patience is required for the skin-tightening effects to work. It typically takes about three months for the collagen remodelling to effect fully. Therefore, I eagerly await Christmas to see the complete results, which will be great timing for the festive season!”

    Treatment Result

    dermapen 4 before image dermapen 4 after image
    Neogen Plasma at Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building, Liverpool
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