Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building

Whatever Your Condition, We Have The Answer.


Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building

Whatever Your Condition, We Have The Answer.


Meet Our Team

At Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building we have recruited a prestigious team who keep you safe and ensure that our care is the very best that it can be…

Operational Leadership Team

Meet Brett 

Brett is our Managing Director. He has held many Senior Leadership roles and has qualifications surrounding psychology. He is a transformational leader and supports the team with the overall vision of being the leading aesthetic clinic in the North through living and breathing our clinic values. Brett is the registered CQC Manager of our Cosmetic Surgery and has the role of enabling and monitoring compliance with the Fundamental Standards across the regulated activities as well as sharing legal responsibilities in relation to holding that position. He is hands on and greets all visitors ensuring that the experience you receive is of the highest standard.

Out of work Brett enjoys golf and playing tennis and is a dog lover. 

Medical Leadership Team

Meet Sarah

Sarah is our Medical Director and is responsible for directing patient care by ensuring our whole clinical team efficiency, this is achieved by managing and guiding the team towards reaching the organisation’s goal regarding patients receiving the best care possible. Sarah will ensure that all treating Clinicians carry out treatments safely and to the highest standard through support, direction and audit. Sarah is a fully qualified Doctor and has a prestigious international Medical Degree (MD). Her speciality is Dermatology and she holds many qualifications including a distinguished Masters in Clinical Dermatology (MSc) & Aesthetic Medicine. Sarah also has many advanced qualifications in Sports Medicine. Although Sarah is in a Medical Leadership Role, Sarah at times will hold welcome meetings with patients where she will screen your requirements to forward you to the right treating specialist Clinician so that your personalised care plan is individualised and overseen by the most suitable expert medical professional.  Sarah’s priority is whole heartedly patient safety and fosters a culture underpinned with full transparency and care for all patients.

Sarah’s Medical Leadership position in our clinic is further underpinned by her portfolio of business accolades which include Business, HR and Marketing qualifications all at Masters Level from LJMU. 

Out of work Sarah enjoys horse riding, ballet and lives & breathes biohacking! 

Medical Team

Meet Suneetha

Suneetha is a permanent resident Aesthetic Doctor and a Consultant Psychiatrist and has a special interest in dermatology particularly hyperpigmentation. She completed her primary Medical Degree (MD) oversees and has since achieved many prestigious qualifications here in the UK. She is also an expert in Thread Lifts. Suneetha further runs a body dysmorphia clinic at our clinic which is greatly received by our patients. Suneetha’s approach to treatment is very gentle and her level of expertise in skin, body and aesthetics is second to none. Suneetha’s CV is extensive and she often speaks at conferences and we are very proud to have her as a Senior team member in our clinic.

Suneetha also is a second opinion for the Ministry of Justice and has worked for CQC as an inspector – her contribution into our clinic ethos is very valuable. 

Out of work Suneetha enjoys travelling, playing tennis and has two beautiful baby boy twins.

GMC: 5195454

Meet Matin

Dr Matin is well-respected and one of the UK’s leading facial cosmetic doctors and teaches facial aesthetics to other clinicians around the UK. He has been a lecturer and trainer in aesthetic medicine for many years with an emphasis on best practice and optimum treatment results for patients as well as in keeping with our Company ethos of keeping patients safe as our number one priority.

Dr Matin is an expert injector and is extremely experienced in all leading aesthetics treatments. His area of specialty is Endolift and clients travel from across the country to be treated by Dr Matin due to his impressive authority as a leading Aesthetic Doctor, particularly for Endolift.

Dr Matin has just won a prestigious award and was highly commended for his safety in beauty: Best Non Surgical Transformation; underpinning the recognition he most certainly deserves. Dr Matin also works from our Cosmetic Surgery CQC Provider ID – 1337708685adjacent to our Aesthetics clinic in the Royal Liver Building 

GDC No. 227549

Meet Keith

Keith is a highly skilled Aesthetic Doctor and is a Registrar. His training has been dedicated to skin health, anti-ageing and he also has a strong interest in wellness.
Therefore, Keith excels within our Sports/Rehab Wing with treatments such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Whole Body Cryo Chamber and photobiomodulation.
His approach and bedside manner is very considerate and kind. He is a gifted and outstanding Aesthetic Doctor and a highly valued member of our team. 

Outside of work Keith enjoys walking and climbing and the outdoors. 

GMC: 7459499

Meet Irfan

Irfan is a permanent resident Aesthetic Doctor at our clinic and is also a Surgeon with over 20 years of expertise. He is an international trainer, lecturer and a KOL for Threads.
His clinical past has been nothing short of extraordinary; he has even been appointed to Royal Household Duties including Medical cover for The Royal Family!

Irfan is an international well respected elite Clinician and is also our Medical Superintendent reporting into our Clinical Director. Irfan has also had many distinguished publications. Irfan also works in our Cosmetic Surgery CQC ID – 1337708685 adjacent to our Aesthetics clinic in the Royal Liver Building


Meet Katherine

Dr. Kathryn is a remarkable aesthetic doctor at our clinic with a diverse background in plastic surgery, trauma, orthopaedics, and general surgery. Her expertise in dermoscopy and special interest in aesthetic lasers make her a truly exceptional addition to our team. Dr. Kathryn’s commitment to excellence and her dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in aesthetic medicine make her a standout professional in the field. Patients can trust in her expertise and passion for delivering outstanding results, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care at our clinic.

GMC number 7458459

Meet Angellica

Angellica is a highly educated Aesthetic Doctor with a background in A&E and is soon to be a fully qualified GP. Her skillset is extensive and she is fully competent in all injectables, skin treatments and procedures including Thread Lifts and Endolift. Angellica’s passion is aesthetics and she is known for her charming bedside manner and kind nature.

GMC: 7527061

Meet Mo

Mo, also known as “Dr Cosmetic,” is one of our injectables specialists and has extensive experience with dermal fillers, toxins and skin boosters. His attention to detail is second to none and his accuracy when injecting is perfection to the millimetre, this has been underpinned through his role as a leading Consultant Ophthalmologist in the NHS.

GMC: 7169953

Meet Waqas

Waqas is a member of our Cosmetic Surgical Team and delivers our Hair Transplant surgery within our Cosmetic Surgery adjacent to our Aesthetics Clinic. He has developed an innovative next generation FUE technique that is exclusively available in our clinic which means our patients can enjoy a hair transplant with a fast recovery and the best possible outcome. We are constantly blown away by his cases and the high success rate. To date, all of our hair transplants have had 100% success.  Waqas has an oversees Medical Degree and has had a lengthy wealth of experience in the UK as a leading Doctor and Surgeon. The priorities of Waqas are safety, efficacy and ensuring every patient gets the best outcome possible! 

GMC: 6136160.  * All hair transplants are carried out in our regulated clinic: Cosmetic Surgery of the Royal Liver Building

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is our Expert Aesthetic Nurse and has an Acute Medicine background. Charlotte’s special interests are Acne, Rosacea and pigmentation and she has had comprehensive training in these fields. Charlotte is one of the few nurses trained on Intimate lightening and she is particularly talented with body contouring including fat loss and skin tightening. Her patient results have been consistently outstanding. Charlotte’s experience, standards and patient care make her a highly valued member of our team. 

NMC: 20L0123E

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