Dermamelan Intimate

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The World’s Leading Medical Depigmenting Method

Dermamelan Intimate
Dermamelan Intimate

Introducing Dermamelan Intimate

Dermamelan Intimate is an expert and incredibly effective depigmentation procedure for the private genital-perineal region is offered by Aesthetics of Liverpool.

After just one clinical session, Dermamelan Intimate achieves remarkable results by regulating the pigmentation flaws of the genital-perineal, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs, and groin areas.

Areas of Treatment for Dermamelan Intimate

Dermamelan Intimate is a special, all-in-one treatment that has been scientifically created to be successful and considerate of the features of the skin in that area. The depigmenting action is accompanied by a secondary anti-aging activity. In the following instances, Dermamelan Intimate is suitable and efficient:

  • Genital-perineal area
  • Perianal area
  • Mons pubis
  • Inner thighs and groins
  • External genitals
  • Areola of the nipple
  • Nipples
  • Underarms
  • Gyneco-aesthetic therapies have gained recognition as a result of a rise in global demand and have subsequently emerged as one of the fields with the fastest pace of development.

    Facts about Dermamelan Intimate

    In the UK, 70% of adults feel the need to have their body hair removed in some fashion, with depilation most frequently performed on the intimate region. Complete hair removal is one practise that has had an impact on the rising demand for anti-aging and depigmentation therapies.

    Best Dermamelan Intimate Clinic Liverpool

    Additionally, rather than simply the face, 90% of pregnant women reportedly exhibit hyperpigmentation in other parts of the body as well. Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building has created the ideal remedy to deal with this developing issue and this delicate situation. Get in touch with our incredible team of medical doctors today at 0151 203 0020. Or use our contact form here.

    Treatment Before & Afters

    FAQS for Dermamelan Intimate

    dermamelan® intimate has a one-of-a-kind mixture of active substances with depigmenting efficacy (1-6), an impact on the inflammatory component that characterises many hyperpigmentations, and a perceptible improvement in skin quality.

    What Our Clients Think


    I don’t normally write reviews
    but wanted to share my wonderful
    experience. This was the first time
    I had been for any inject able
    treatments and I was made to feel
    very welcome, the clinicans are very
    reassuring and offered expert advice
    bespoke to my individuals needs.

    Mckenna Moore


    I was immediately impressed with
    the Clinic and received an
    amazing treatment, I highly recommend
    Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building
    to anyone considering skin rejuvenation.
    I have already started to notice
    the benefits from my boost
    of collagen and elastin.

    Mr Smith


    Phenomenal !!!!! Very professional and
    so friendly. Really listened to what I needed
    and totally delivered. I wanted a natural look
    and to feel better about myself and
    they certainly made that happen. I would
    100% recommend ..simply the best !!!
    As always amazing treatment…
    thank you so much

    Michael Char




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