Non-Surgical Fat Removal

Non Surgical Fat Removal

Non Surgical Fat Removal

In the aesthetics industry, a new type of liposuction is causing a stir. It is known as inch loss cavitation or just 3D lipo: non-surgical fat removal from the abdomen, thighs, and other body parts.

Non Sugical Fat Removal

What is
Non-Surgical Fat
Removal 3D

In the aesthetics industry, a new type of liposuction is causing a stir. It is known as inch loss cavitation or just 3D lipo: non-surgical fat removal from the abdomen, thighs, and other body parts.

When it comes to achieving results quickly, a precise diet and steady workout routine are not always sufficient. This is where the non-surgical technique comes in handy, particularly if you desire more permanent results. It is not the same as liposuction. Suction is used to remove fat during liposuction. A hollow tube is introduced beneath the skin to remove fat. Despite its efficacy, patients require recuperation time.
With 3D lipo, there is no need for recovery time. And the treatment is as efficient as liposuction.

What is 3D Cavitation/3D Lipo ?

What is 3D

What exactly are 3D lipo treatments, and how are they distinct from other aesthetic treatments?

As previously indicated, classic lipo requires the insertion of a canula (a hollow tube) beneath the skin in the locations where fat is to be removed.
With 3D cavitation, a gel is applied to the skin and ultrasound plates are utilised to massage the affected area. There’s no pain involved. Compared to traditional lipo or even laser liposuction, which uses heat to melt fat cells, this is a significant difference.
3D cavitation may be paired with cryolipolysis (freezing fat cells to destroy them) and radio frequency treatment. The combination of these treatments results in skin that is more supple and toned

What Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Involve?

What Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Involve?

This method is ideal for total fat loss and inch loss.
It utilises low frequency ultrasound to target fat cells. Ultrasound cannot withstand the pressure exerted on the fat cell membranes, which therefore disintegrate into liquid fat. The fat is subsequently eliminated by the body normally, resulting in fat loss.
Ultrasonic cavitation is most effective on fatty parts of the body, such as the abdomen and thighs.

How Many Ultrasonic Cavitation Procedures Are Necessary?

To attain optimal outcomes, six to eight treatments are required.
However, before you begin this treatment, a member of our expert medical team will offer the optimal treatment strategy. Patients observe a 2 to 4 cm decrease following the initial treatment. This will continue each time you have treatment.

How is The Treatment carried out?

A gel is applied to the area where fat is to be eliminated during treatment. Then, an ultrasound-generating handheld device is passed over the skin. Our clients claim that the experience was painless and pleasant. The duration of each session will depend on the quantity of fat to be eliminated for everyone.

Why 3D Cavitation procedures?

This treatment is effective because it targets only fat cells.
It is most effective on stubborn fat deposits such as the thighs, abdomen, and “muffin tops.” Furthermore, it can be coupled with other weight loss procedures for optimal outcomes.
Our medical team will assist you in developing a weight loss-focused treatment plan.

Clients Ideal for this Treatment

Most people may utilise 3D cavitation treatments safely.
The treatment is particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty shedding weight.
It can function as a supplement to dieting and exercise for weight loss.


Microneedling Therapy
Microneedling Therapy

3D Cavitation Aftercare

To receive optimal benefits, you must adhere to our doctor’s aftercare guidelines.
Certain tasks will be prescribed by the medical team to assist you achieve the optimum results from treatment.
This is intended to lessen the likelihood of fat reaccumulating in the treated regions and improve your overall health.

Guidelines for aftercare:

• Not consuming alcohol. Alcohol contains empty calories, which have no nutritional value.
• Increasing your consumption of water. Water is vital to the healthy functioning of the organism. This improves your health and aids in fat loss.
• Consuming wholesome, nutrient-dense meals. Diets that are nutritionally balanced are healthful and prevent the creation of additional fat cells.
• Exercising consistently. For a healthy and toned figure, nutritious eating and appropriate exercise go hand in hand.
• Eschewing fatty meals clearly, this prevents fatty cell growth.
• Massaging the area that has been treated. Exercise and diet will ultimately keep you healthy, whereas treatment will accomplish what exercise and diet cannot.
3D Lipo Reviews

Therefore, do 3D lipo treatments work?

Celebrities are typically among the first individuals to test a new beauty procedure or trend. Therefore, it is not surprising that certain celebrities have nothing but positive things to say about lipo cavitation.
The TOWIE actress Gemma Collins claims that 3D lipo procedures enabled her to lose 16.5 inches. Amy Childs, another star, had 3D lipo to reduce weight after she was prohibited from the gym owing to issues with her breast implants. She has lost weight successfully by shedding a dress size and three inches from her waist.
Coleen Rooney is yet another celebrity who has tried and enjoyed this procedure. After the births of her children Klay and Kai, she underwent this sort of liposuction to recover her youthful physique.
Patsy Kensit and Danielle Armstrong are two further celebrities who have utilised the treatment.
Examine the 3D before and after photographs of liposuction to see for yourself.

What is the Cost of 3D Lipo, Liverpool?

The cost of 3D cavitation is dependent on the size of the treatment area and the treatment plan chosen.
Make an appointment with Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building for a tailored 3D lipo treatment plan to enjoy our superior customer service and a pleasurable experience.

Non Surgical Fat Removal



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