Truth About Coolsculpting Elite

Perhaps you’ve recently learned about a fat-freezing technology promising to sculpt your body and eliminate persistent fat deposits permanently. You might be asking yourself, ‘Is there a catch?

Our post aims to provide a comprehensive breakdown of CoolSculpting Elite, shedding light on whether its outcomes truly match the widespread acclaim. Here’s an honest exploration of a treatment that claims to enhance your appearance.
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What Is Cool Sculpting Elite?

If CoolSculpting Elite is new to you, here’s a comprehensive overview of its functionality and procedure:

CoolSculpting Elite stands as an FDA-approved fat-reduction method, offering a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction. Utilizing Cryolipolysis.It freezes targeted fat cells by subjecting them to extremely low temperatures, causing cell death. Notably, this process doesn’t impact surrounding tissue or skin cells.

The body naturally eliminates these deceased fat cells through its metabolic processes, gradually revealing the results of the CoolSculpting Elite treatment.

This non-surgical approach avoids the use of needles and typically involves minimal downtime. During the procedure, an applicator is applied to specific areas housing stubborn fat deposits, cooling the fat cells. Patients can relax for about 45 minutes while the treatment progresses..
CoolSculpting Elite has FDA approval for targeting fat in these specific body regions:
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Bra Fat
  • Back Fat
  • Buttocks (Banana Roll)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Love handles (flanks)
  • Muffin

The effectiveness of CoolSculpting Elite is remarkable. This advanced procedure employs two uniquely designed ‘C’ shaped Elite applicators that conform more effectively to your body contours, enabling simultaneous usage. With the dual applicators, the treatment duration is notably shortened, offering a more time-efficient experience.

Does CoolSculpting Elite work?

Now, the burning question you’re likely eager to have answered: ‘Does it truly deliver results?’
In a nutshell, yes, it does. Clinical studies have conclusively demonstrated that CoolSculpting Elite can reduce fat by as much as 25%!

This innovative procedure freezes and permanently eliminates fat cells, ensuring they won’t regenerate. Just a single session of CoolSculpting Elite can eliminate approximately 20 – 25% of fat cells in the targeted region. Opting for two sessions in the same area can further eradicate up to 45% of the fat cells in that treated region!

However, achieving these remarkable outcomes necessitates being an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting Elite, typically within 20 pounds of your goal weight. Those farther from their target weight might benefit from pursuing weight loss through diet and exercise before commencing CoolSculpting.

A reputable CoolSculpting Elite clinic should offer a complimentary initial consultation to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment and discuss the most effective strategies to attain your weight loss objectives!
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How quickly does Coolsculpting Elite work?

After the fat cells have been frozen and destroyed, it takes time for the body to metabolize the dead fat cells. Because of this, the best results are visible after 2 – 3 months. However, you may start to see changes within a few weeks as your immune system starts removing the destroyed fat cells.

Are cool sculpting elite results long lasting?

CoolSculpting Elite stands out not only for its impressive effectiveness in reducing fat but also for its enduring results. Once the treatment is completed, the results are typically long-lasting, with permanence unless there’s a significant weight gain. The fat cells targeted and frozen during CoolSculpting Elite are permanently eliminated, while the remaining cells have the potential to enlarge.

To sustain the enduring benefits of CoolSculpting Elite, maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-treatment is crucial. Consistent healthy eating habits and regular exercise play a pivotal role in ensuring those persistent fat pockets remain a thing of the past!

How Aesthetics of the Royal Liver Building & Coolsculpting can help with fat freezing.

As a distinguished CoolSculpting Elite Certified Practice and Premier Aesthetics Practitioner located in the Royal Liver Building in the heart of Liverpool. Aesthetics of the Royal Liver Building specializes in conducting a significant number of CoolSculpting Elite procedures and various other body treatments each month.

Our CoolSculpting Elite Specialists, affectionately known as our ‘Freeze Queens,’ are certified to treat all FDA-cleared body areas. Having undergone comprehensive training at CoolSculpting University, they remain updated with the latest advancements. Rest assured, our seasoned team guarantees a safe and proficient experience.

We specialize in crafting personalized treatment plans tailored specifically to your unique requirements. At Aesthetics of the Royal Liver Building , we provide complimentary consultations, ensuring easy access to our expert guidance and recommendations. Whether you’re contemplating CoolSculpting Elite for your desired physique, schedule your free consultation today, or feel free to reach out to us with any queries about the procedure!

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