Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic
Drainage liverpool

A Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is a mild form of treatment. This massage treatment, unlike deep tissue massage, exclusively targets areas just beneath the skin’s surface, where your lymphatic system can be found.

Your lymphatic fluid should naturally drain into fine tubes called as lymph vessels. These drainage spots are very close to the surface of your skin and must be handled with extreme caution by a certified practitioner. To help the lymphatic system, your skin should be warmed and gently rubbed utilizing certain techniques to avoid damaging your deep tissue underneath.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph fluid, unlike blood, is not pumped around the body by a specific muscle. Instead, our normal muscle movement aids in the passage of this fluid along and into the required capillaries. However, challenges occur for those of us who are not extremely mobile. This could be due to an underlying health issue or working at a desk job; even if you have a mobility injury, your lymphatic systems will suffer. Unfortunately, high-fat, high-salt diets will exacerbate the condition.

In some cases, lymph fluid might accumulate in certain places while depriving others. As a result of a deficit in one of your body’s immunological defense systems, you will be more susceptible to illness and fatigue. A Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage can help to eliminate lymph fluid buildup and enhance lymph fluid flow.

The Best Manual Lymphatic Drainage Clinic Liverpool

Make an appointment today to reap the benefits. We provide a full-body Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage as well as one that focuses on a specific area. The therapy lasts about an hour, depending on the treatment choice you choose.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Treatment Before & Afters

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Before Manual Lymphatic Drainage after


Our lymphatic system is very crucial in our bodies. It not only participates in our immune system, defending us from viruses and sickness, but it also regulates the fluid level in our bodies. Furthermore, it prevents bacteria and toxins from entering our bloodstream and produces and stores lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that fights sickness. In addition, the lymphatic system absorbs and transports fatty acids and fat to our circulatory systems.

A healthy lymphatic system aids in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of chronic illnesses, including pain, skin ailments, fluid retention, respiratory problems, digestive issues, immunological problems, and stress-related concerns. The following diseases and ailments may benefit from our Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment.

What Our Clients Think


I don’t normally write reviews
but wanted to share my wonderful
experience. This was the first time
I had been for any inject able
treatments and I was made to feel
very welcome, the clinicans are very
reassuring and offered expert advice
bespoke to my individuals needs.

Mckenna Moore


I was immediately impressed with
the Clinic and received an
amazing treatment, I highly recommend
Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building
to anyone considering skin rejuvenation.
I have already started to notice
the benefits from my boost
of collagen and elastin.

Mr Smith


Phenomenal !!!!! Very professional and
so friendly. Really listened to what I needed
and totally delivered. I wanted a natural look
and to feel better about myself and
they certainly made that happen. I would
100% recommend ..simply the best !!!
As always amazing treatment…
thank you so much

Michael Char




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