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Introducing ENDOLIFT For Eye Bags

ENDOLIFT for Eye Bags! Finally a solution that is super versatile. A treatment that can be used to treat a wide variety of Skin Conditions. While also promoting anti-ageing by encouraging collagen-synthesis. In fact, it is a minimally invasive laser based-technology that can tighten the skin from the inside.

What is ENDOLIFT for Eye bags?

A laser-based treatment that tightens the skin from within. Endolift works by transmitting energy to a specific area via a single optical fibre as thin as human hair. As a result, the procedure can remove under-eye bags without requiring surgical incisions.

Endolift can tighten loose skin, remove extra fat, and reconstruct the deep layers of the skin in specific areas of the face or body by encouraging collagen formation. As a result, by toning, firming, and remodelling the skin, the treatment can erase under-eye bags and restore a youthful appearance to the face.

ENDOLIFT Procedure

First, a local anaesthetic will be used to numb the lower eyelids. Intraocular shields will be used to protect the eyes from the laser. The optical fibre is then pushed into the under-eye area. The laser burns the surrounding tissue, causing extra fat cells to disintegrate and collagen formation to increase, tightening the skin. Aside from a bit of pressure, the endo-lift technique is painless.

Laser Treatment: Endolift For Eyebags Endolift is frequently used with CO2 laser treatment to provide the best outcomes. The fractional carbon dioxide laser, often known as the CO2 laser, is a laser-based device used to repair and rejuvenate the skin’s outer layer by promoting collagen formation. The CO2 laser causes controlled harm to a specific area of the skin, triggering a healing reaction in which the injured tissue is healed by the healthy skin surrounding it.

ENDOLIFT for eye bags Results

As the laser energy is directed directly into the superficial hypodermis, the Endolift treatment can tighten the skin from within while reducing under-eye bags (the layer of tissue beneath the skin). The CO2 laser can then tighten and renew the skin’s surface, resulting in faster and more noticeable effects.

If you are in search of the best Endolift for eye bags treatment in Liverpool. Then look no further. At Aesthitics of The Royal Liver Building, we welcome you to enter our brand-new, state-of-the-art Doctor Led Super Clinic. Book an appointment today with one of esteemed medical team on 0151 203 0020.

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ENDOLIFT for Eye bags Treatment Before & After

Endolift For eye Bags
Endolift For eye Bags

What Our Clients Think


I don’t normally write reviews
but wanted to share my wonderful
experience. This was the first time
I had been for any inject able
treatments and I was made to feel
very welcome, the clinicans are very
reassuring and offered expert advice
bespoke to my individuals needs.

Mckenna Moore


I was immediately impressed with
the Clinic and received an
amazing treatment, I highly recommend
Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building
to anyone considering skin rejuvenation.
I have already started to notice
the benefits from my boost
of collagen and elastin.

Mr Smith


Phenomenal !!!!! Very professional and
so friendly. Really listened to what I needed
and totally delivered. I wanted a natural look
and to feel better about myself and
they certainly made that happen. I would
100% recommend ..simply the best !!!
As always amazing treatment…
thank you so much

Michael Char




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