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Laser Treatment for acne scars near me

Laser Treatment for acne scars. ENDOLIFT is a very effective procedure for severe acne scars. After ENDOLIFT patients are astonished by the younger appearance. Therefore, Endolift for Acne scars is the ultimate treatment for tightening and brightening the skin.

Ultimate Treatment – Laser Treatment for acne scars near me

EndoLift has previously been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for acne scars when used with a Subcision, improving scar appearance in 90% of patients. This laser treatment can be combined with or performed independently of a Subcision. In any case, EndoLift significantly reduces acne scarring in all patients who receive it. Because acne causes collagen loss and EndoLift increases collagen production, you are essentially cancelling out the losses and assisting the skin to heal naturally.

Endolift subcision is performed with a single perforation on each side, reducing pain and scar risk in patients. Because of the high reappearance rate, the effects of a Subcision on its own are mild to moderate. However, when combined with EndoLift, the results are much more conclusive. Patient satisfaction increases, indicating the importance of EndoLift’s role in the treatment.

Microfibre Lasers – Laser treatment for acne scars nera me

The treatment’s microfibre laser does not penetrate the skin at all. It passes through the outer layer and into the superficial fat layer, using a laser under the skin to burn away the fat and water. The doctor will fan the microfibre across the target area, delivering three deep-layer effects: laser lipolysis, collagen remodelling, and connective photobiomodulation. As a result, the skin tightens, and fine lines smooth out. For acne scarring, your skin will begin to rejuvenate and heal naturally.

Get the results with Laser treatment for acne scars nera me

One EndoLift session can help repair a significant portion of the acne scars. However, more sessions may be required for optimal results. Acne scarring may be more severe in one person than in another, and vice versa, depending on the circumstances. Overall, we are confident that you will get the results you seek one way or another!

Laser Treatment for acne scars near me – Treatment Before & After

Laser Treatment for acne scars near me endo lift scarring
Laser Treatment for acne scars near me
endo lift scarring

What Our Clients Think


I don’t normally write reviews
but wanted to share my wonderful
experience. This was the first time
I had been for any inject able
treatments and I was made to feel
very welcome, the clinicans are very
reassuring and offered expert advice
bespoke to my individuals needs.

Mckenna Moore


I was immediately impressed with
the Clinic and received an
amazing treatment, I highly recommend
Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building
to anyone considering skin rejuvenation.
I have already started to notice
the benefits from my boost
of collagen and elastin.

Mr Smith


Phenomenal !!!!! Very professional and
so friendly. Really listened to what I needed
and totally delivered. I wanted a natural look
and to feel better about myself and
they certainly made that happen. I would
100% recommend ..simply the best !!!
As always amazing treatment…
thank you so much

Michael Char




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