HBOT Near Me

How HBOT Can Help You
Improve Your Overall Health

HBOT near me

How HBOT Can Help
You Improve Your
Overall Health

The FDA has given full approval of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a variety of treatments, but the benefits of 100% pure oxygen do not end there.
In fact, HBOT has the potential to improve our overall health in a variety of ways.  To understand how it does this, you must first understand what HBOT does to your body.  Let's divide it into three broad categories. (As defined on the website of Johns Hopkins Medicine.)

1. Saturate the Plasma with Oxygen?

1. Saturate the Plasma
with Oxygen?

When the bloodstream is completely saturated with pure oxygen, it can aid in wound healing. This is significant because there is potential that a wound can damage the body's blood vessels, causing fluids to leak into the tissues and cause swelling.

  Swelling, in turn, makes it difficult for damaged plasma cells to obtain the oxygen they require.

HBOT reduces swelling, allowing oxygen to reach damaged areas of the body.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also helps to prevent severe tissue damage that could occur when the blood supply to the tissues returns after a period of oxygen deprivation. This is usually the result of a crush injury, which causes the blood vessels to constrict. HBOT alleviates this issue, allowing normal healing to resume.

2. Protect the Immune System by Blocking
Harmful Bacteria?

2. Protect the Immune
System by Blocking
Harmful Bacteria?

The increased oxygen can help the body resist infections while also combating the toxins of certain bacteria. Furthermore, it can assist white blood cells in doing their job, which is to detect and eliminate unwanted bodily invaders.

3. Promote the Growth of New Collagen
and Skin Cells?

3. Promote the Growth
of New Collagen and
Skin Cells?

Increased oxygen encourages the formation of new blood vessels and stimulates cells to produce vascular endothelial growth factor. This will attract and stimulate endothelial cells, which are required for normal tissue growth, development, and repair.

So, now that we know what Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy does to your body, we can extrapolate a variety of important health benefits.

Think about the following:
Anti-aging in Liverpool

Think about the following: 
Anti-aging in Liverpool

HBOT has the potential to combat or even reverse some of the ageing processes. We know that hyperbaric oxygen increases collagen production, restores blood vessels, and improves a variety of skin conditions, helping you look and feel younger. 

HBOT can also help expel dead cells that may have accumulated in the body and improve the immune system so you can fight off illnesses even as you get older. It can even help you recover from exertion faster and feel less fatigued. 

Oxygen saturation can also help with joint pain, which we all experience as we age.

Mental Health in Liverpool

Studies on mental acuity has shown how important a generous supply of oxygen in the brain can be. HBOT has the potential to benefit a wide range of mental conditions while also improving overall mental acuity. There are currently ongoing studies on the effects of HBOT on conditions such as dementia, depression, PTSD, and others.

Athletic Treatment

Many athletes are prone to injuries ranging from sore muscles to severe ones. Joint swelling can also quickly put a halt to the seasons sporting activities, until the right treatment is found.

We know that HBOT reduces swelling and can repair broken blood vessels, so if you have anything from sprains, fractures or pulled muscles to contusions or even tendinitis, you could benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Skin that is healthier

HBOT can be extremely beneficial to your skin because it promotes the formation of new collagen and blood vessels. Furthermore, because it reduces inflammation and swelling, it has the potential to be an effective psoriasis treatment.

  Psoriasis symptoms are caused by the immune system inflaming the body to fight off a perceived invasion. HBOT can assist in resolving these types of systemic inflammations.

Oxygen Depletion Reversal

Anaemia (a lack of oxygen) can cause tiredness, altered mental states and rapid heartbeat or even difficulty breathing – among other symptoms.

HBOT has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for anaemia. Patients can treat and, in some cases, reverse a variety of symptoms associated with severe oxygen deficiency.

Experience the Advantages of Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy for Yourself

Experience the Advantages
of Hyperbaric Oxygen
Therapy for Yourself

To discover more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and how it benefits your overall health, please contact us today. Our experts are standing by to answer all your questions and assist you in preparing for your first treatment.
Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building exclusively offer a fully efficacious hard-side 2.0ATA Hyperbaric chamber. It is a medical grade Monoplace Chamber and the only one available in Liverpool.

HBOT Near Me

The sooner a patient begins and finds out the HBOT benefits in Liverpool, the more likely positive outcomes are. If you want to learn more about Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for anti- aging and its effects on athletic treatment, mental health, oxygen depletion and more. Then please contact us and talk to one of our specialists about these new treatments.


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