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Intimate Lightening Liverpool: 5 Things to Know

About Dermamelan Intimate

While it’s typical for intimate areas to exhibit a darker shade than the surrounding skin or other body parts, this can evoke self-consciousness in individuals. The aging process, genetic factors, and hormonal fluctuations collectively contribute to heightened melanin production, resulting in dark patches or discoloration in the area.

Factors contributing to the darkening of intimate areas may include:

1. Friction: Constant rubbing from tight clothing or underwear generates friction, potentially causing the delicate region to darken or undergo a change in colour. 2. Frequent shaving: Regular shaving may lead to irritation and inflammation, resulting in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Additionally, the chemicals in shaving creams and lotions can contribute to darkening in private regions. 3. Lack of air or ventilation: Insufficient air circulation may lead to moisture build-up, potentially darkening the intimate area or worsening existing concerns. 4. Excessive sweating: Sweat contains waste products that can induce colour and texture changes in intimate areas. Maintaining proper hygiene, including regular cleaning, and wearing breathable underwear, can help prevent sweat build-up.

So, what can lighten intimate areas?

Dermamelan Intimate presents a depigmenting solution crafted to address hyperpigmentation or darkening in intimate areas. Formulated in collaboration with gynaecologists, this non-invasive remedy incorporates active compounds targeting the factors contributing to discoloration.

Offering both short- and long-term correction, Dermamelan Intimate not only addresses existing hyperpigmentation but also prevents the emergence and recurrence of dark spots. Additionally, it enhances skin elasticity and moisture retention in delicate areas.

Contemplating Dermamelan Intimate for yourself? Explore further as we highlight seven essential aspects to know about this depigmentation solution.

How Dermamelan Works.

Dermamelan Intimate employs a two-fold mechanism, combining corrective and regulatory actions. It not only lightens hyperpigmentation but also addresses the underlying causes while expediting skin peeling and renewal for a brighter intimate area or diminished dark spots.

The treatment encompasses two distinct phases:

In-office session: Conducted within a medical setting, the process begins with thorough area cleansing. Subsequent steps involve the application of mesolips protector, dermamelan intimate peeling, neutralizing spray, and dermamelan intimate film. At-home continuation: The protocol extends to at-home care, focusing on melanin production regulation. Patients diligently follow professional guidance for product removal at the designated time, along with adhering to an aftercare regimen prescribed by their doctor.

Treatment Areas

Dermamelan intimate can treat all skin types in the following areas:
  • Genital-perineal area
  • Perianal area
  • Mons pubis
  • Inner thighs
  • Groin
  • What are the key benefits of dermamelan intimate?

    This solution for depigmentation enhances confidence by lightening pigmentation imperfections in intimate areas. The advantages include:

    Correction of pigmentation in both short- and long-term Achievement of a unified skin tone Enhanced skin elasticity and water retention Aids in preventing the reappearance of pigmentation/dark spots

    Results to expect

    Within a week, noticeable improvements in the treated area become apparent. Significant results emerge around four weeks, with pigmentation continuously lightening over time. After just one session, the area will exhibit an even, healthy, and luminous appearance.

    Downtime and discomfort

    After the initial phase, you’ll leave the clinic, remove the occlusive film, and mask from the treated area, and then wait 48 hours before nightly application of dermamelan intimate gel cream for 30 days.

    With dermamelan intimate, it’s crucial to understand that it gradually renews the skin. It’s normal for the treated area to exhibit mild redness and warmth during the initial phase, which typically subsides within 24 to 48 hours.

    During the at-home phase, you may experience slight peeling, and the area might feel sensitive at times. The use of recommended products will assist in alleviating these effects.
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    Treatment Result

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