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Skin Peels Liverpool

Skin Peels Liverpool

Skin Peels Liverpool

Skin Peels Liverpool are a very popular treatment at Aesthetics of The Royal Liver Building since the benefits are visible right away and leave the skin looking smooth and beautiful. A peel treatment removes dead skin cells while also stimulating cellular regeneration and collagen synthesis. Often, store-bought products will make skin appear smooth and silky, but the treatment will only reach the top layer of the skin. When a skin peel is applied, the top layer of skin is removed, revealing the smoother new skin beneath.

Skin peel

Skin Peels in Liverpool produce visible benefits after only one session, with clients reporting that their skin feels softer and appears smoother and more radiant. Depending on the skin type and condition, a series of 3 to 6 treatments is commonly recommended.

Skin Peels Before & After

  • After the solution is withdrawn, the face is generally pink, and there may be a slight white discoloration in some areas or a blotchy appearance to the skin, which usually dissipates within a couple of hours
  • The skin will begin to ‘peel’ in the week following treatment; this is typically a light shedding of the skin to reveal fresh renewed skin beneath.
  • Some individuals do not see apparent skin peeling following treatment, but the procedure still has a favourable effect, such as a very effective exfoliation.
  • One of the most prevalent adverse effects of a Skin Peel is redness. This normally goes away within 24-48 hours, but after a medium strength peel, the redness can remain for months
  • After treatment, skin may exhibit slight white discoloration in some locations, but this normally fades within a few hours.
  • Peeling and itching are also common side effects in the week following treatment. Skin will begin to flake away from the treatment area; this is typical; however, some clients may notice that the skin itches.
  • Skin colour might change as a result of a Skin Peel. It may darken or lighten (hypo-pigmentation). With superficial peels, hyperpigmentation is prevalent. Following a thorough peel, hypopigmentation is prevalent. Complexion colour changes are more likely in people with darker skin. It is critical to understand that some alterations may be permanent.
  • A Skin Peel can trigger an outbreak of the Herpes virus, which causes cold sores. Skin Peels can occasionally cause a bacterial or fungal illness.
Skin Peels Liverpool Skin peel
Skin Peels Liverpool
Skin Peels in Liverpool



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